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Maybe some of you have felt this too?!

I've felt like many of you have the last few days have been a monster shift. At the moment I can speak a bit from the feminine side. I’m still integrating some as well.

Yes, rest. In my understanding we are reintegrating some of the High Priestess energy that had been locked up for centuries…As it comes back in it may feel heavy. Not because it’s bad but because it’s been bound and abused. Honor it…self love and self care..for you and all Those aspects.

As we purge the old pain etc…it should hopefully lighten up and actually feel significantly better with each day.

A few days ago I experienced feeling literally tied up within my body especially in the heart, chest, and back area… but as I understood what was happening I just envisioned it unraveling and allowed the new energy to settle into the body where I was once bound.

Call all your energy back to the center of your body and then you’ll have enough energy to let your energy ground and stabilize more…

Get outside..barefeet on Earth..lay down in the grass if you are able to…allow the essence to support you.

You’re grounding energy through your body that has either been stifled or soul energy that has not been in your body before. Your higher energy is available in new ways as well.

You may also feel all sorts of emotions…allow them to flow through like a waterfall. There may be no need to grab onto them or to resist them. Let them wash through.

Obviously always follow what feels correct to you..sometimes just having some understanding of the bigger perspective assists me with centering.

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Feeling Fierce in the most calm way 🔥😉 soooo many messages for the Masculine and Feminines flooding in…I’m integrating a lot at the moment, but feel guided to ground a few.

Here are some immediate take away messages.

A specific group of MASCULINES who are still on the fence…holding back some of their power because of the obligations and duty they feel.

Release yourself from the slavery templates... Your true power lives in your ability to be grounded and connected to your inner and higher truth.

No more doing out of obligation. Honor your heart. What feels right to you truly? Not what you were told by the world around you! But what truly feeds your heart and soul.

Your emotions…anger, frustration, resentment are not wrong…they are all opportunities to show you where things do not feel in alignment with what you truly want.

Bridging your physical world with what you know and remember to be true inside of you.

A Specific group of FEMININES who still do not feel worthy: you see other powerful feminines and believe in them and their abilities. But doubt that you hold those same abilities?!

Think again you believe because you remember deep down you are similar. You are drawn to intuitive strong feminines because that is who you are inside…beneath the layers of protection.

Hold no shame in this protection…it is how you survived and your ancestor’s survived. Denying the very gorgeous gifts that made them Divine Feminine.

Honor Humanity by honoring yourself. Allow yourself to open up and receive all Of yourself. Your High Priestess Essence. Release the shackles and ropes and chains. Blossom into who you’ve always been.

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I’m so grateful I’ve learned the value of trusting my higher guidance over my basic logic. The two definitely have lots of conversations… but learning to trust that higher guidance above all else…was the Best muscle I ever choose to build.

The gift that keeps on giving 😂👏🏽😉 If you’re not tapping into that you’re missing out on accessing a serious superpower. Highly recommended 😉

I’m definitely in the midst of another huge shift 💕 Joy is returning to my system ☺️
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Yes 💯….I’ve learned it’s only through healthy boundaries I’m able to hold unconditional love. Because in order for it to be true unconditional love…it has to also include unconditional love for myself as well! 🤩it’s a process for certain

I can hold respect and understand another persons feelings and choices and I can also hold space and understanding for myself if their choices trigger me. They do not have to be wrong for me to be right. And I don’t have to be wrong for them to be right.

If someone triggers me…It doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. It means I’m triggered and that trigger is my responsibility.

Both peoples choices and feelings are equally as valid!!!!!! We don’t have to negate one for the other….it’s all true! And it’s all okay.

My job is to simply be in alignment with my standards and allow others theirs.

We think proving others wrong or fighting them to see our side is where battles are won. But in my experience it’s quite the opposite.

It’s in laying down the outer battle and focusing that energy where the true battle lives…internally….this has been much more productive.
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Hey Loves,  I’m Danielle, I offer Spiritual Intuitive support for Unraveling Trauma, Building Love, and Embodying Soul.

Shedding old limitations and programming that have kept you small.

Learning to trust and strengthen your inner wisdom at a deeper level.

Ultimately listening to your heart and allowing your soul to lead you above all else.

During our time together I connect with your Highest Self to bring forth whatever wisdom is in alignment with your Soul’s Highest good to receive in the moment.

I work with a full range of tools…Intuitive guidance, Energy Work, Shamanism, Meditation, Integration, Nervous system support, Intuitive and Tarot Readings.

Some of the things that may take place are…

Clearing of denser, outdated energetic attachments, agreements, contracts, and frequencies. 

Unraveling from Trauma, DNA Ancestral Patterns, Collective Patterns, Programming, and Templates.

Supporting You to Embody and Ground more of Your Soul Energy

Integration of soul fragments and Divine gifts.  

Activation of DNA and to Higher Soul information.

You will also receive intuitive action steps directed from soul guidance to support you in your personal power. These sessions are designed to support and empower you in your own energy, intuition, and activate your natural gifts and abilities

For those of you ready to step into your power I’m offering 1:1 sessions to embody more and more of your Authentic Self each day. 


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