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Paradoxical Observation #22222+ 😂🤣

Society gives women a hard time for choosing emotionally unavailable men like they are damaged for doing so.

This same society has raised and taught men that they have to be emotionally unavailable to be men! Then are treated as damaged because they are emotionally unavailable.

The damage is not because of the actual woman or actual man. The damage…the distortion is in the programming.

When we stop projecting onto the other… and actually focus on cleaning up our own triggers and distorted programming…we can actually heal the true issues. ❤️✌🏽

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About Danielle


Hey Loves,  I’m Danielle, I offer Spiritual Intuitive support for Unraveling Trauma, Building Love, and Embodying Soul.

Shedding old limitations and programming that have kept you small.

Learning to trust and strengthen your inner wisdom at a deeper level.

Ultimately listening to your heart and allowing your soul to lead you above all else.

During our time together I connect with your Highest Self to bring forth whatever wisdom is in alignment with your Soul’s Highest good to receive in the moment.

I work with a full range of tools…Intuitive guidance, Energy Work, Shamanism, Meditation, Integration, Nervous system support, Intuitive and Tarot Readings.

Some of the things that may take place are…

Clearing of denser, outdated energetic attachments, agreements, contracts, and frequencies. 

Unraveling from Trauma, DNA Ancestral Patterns, Collective Patterns, Programming, and Templates.

Supporting You to Embody and Ground more of Your Soul Energy

Integration of soul fragments and Divine gifts.  

Activation of DNA and to Higher Soul information.

You will also receive intuitive action steps directed from soul guidance to support you in your personal power. These sessions are designed to support and empower you in your own energy, intuition, and activate your natural gifts and abilities

For those of you ready to step into your power I’m offering 1:1 sessions to embody more and more of your Authentic Self each day. 


Danielle Wilk



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