3D Twin Flame Evolving To 5D Divine Union

We are at an energetic tipping point for the Twin Flame Story.

I’m sharing from my personal experiences, downloads, and client/friend confirmation pertaining to the Twin Flame story. 

As I’ve seen it… the Twin Flame separation occurred during the fall of Atlantis. This fall lead to humanity’s spiral down into the density of 3D physicality. Which over millennia lead to the amnesia of our true origin and history. 

During the fall of Atlantis we separated from the Twin. Yet like the yin yang symbol, a seed of the other was left within each twin. This seed, connection, beacon was originally to act as a seed of hope. 

So as the higher humans descended into 3D they would still have a beacon connecting them to a loving energy. What we’ve come to think of in modern times as our other half. The other half of our complete soul. (There are other more in-depth explanations that I’ll save for another day…. nothing is just black and white lol)

This connection served a high purpose during the darkest days of earth.

Over the years and many lifetimes we’ve chosen to experience all that 3D has to offer. Most glaringly separation. Separation from our creator, our own power, even our connection to Mother Earth. (Again I can explore this more another time) 

In our separation we have explored the depths of pain, sadness, anger, hurt, fear, and blame, shame, guilt, and major frustration. 

The Twin Flame beacon has acted as a soothing loving energy in times when we’ve most needed it. It would come to our rescue… but in our darkness’s the very same beacon of love and light would quickly turn to pain and anguish. This happened because of the intense mirror we would offer one another. The most intense depths of feelings. This twin mirror wouldn’t allow us to forget the truth. So we would experience intense love and connection and the immediate fear, sadness, despondency, and once again separation. 

Keeping us on this extreme roller coaster. Until finally we realized that the only way to heal this cycle was to go within. To learn self-love, harmony, and to balance our own masculine and feminine energies. Through the stabilization of our own personal individual energies and emotions…we are now able to transcend the old Twin Flame Beacon and Story. 

We are currently at a precipice of time where we’re spiraling back upwards into the higher vibrating 5D awareness. 

As one or both of the original twins evolves into the new harmonious energies there is no longer a need for the original beacon! 

In fact the old 3D twin flame connection actually begins to become a drain of energy. It’s no longer supporting evolution. Many of us have outgrown the need for it. 

But hold up wait a minute…. What about all the beautiful energy that the Twin Flame story brings?!

The love, connection, respect, joy, peace, partnership? I mean the whole freakin reason any of us even decided to explore this dang Twin Flame energy path!? Right!? 

Ah ha… no worries my doves. In the 5D we are finding our sea legs. We are learning to love and respect ourselves more and more every single minute. We are becoming more balanced and harmonious…embracing our masculine and feminine sides. Embracing our emotions and darkness so we can evolve out of shame, guilt, and fear. 

And in doing so… as we are becoming harmonious pillars of love we are drawing in relationships based on DIVINE UNION. This is not just about ONE relationship ONE way! This is about creating and entire family of Divine Union! 

Imagine an entire family you can have divine relations with.

Including a life partner of your choosing! Divine Union is not exclusive it is INCLUSIVE… Every sex, race, origin etc…. can come into Divine Union inside and out 

This is where we’re at. If you’re ready to release the old karmic connections and evolve into the new supportive energy we’ve got the green light. You can absolutely do this on your own. But if you would like any additional support I’m here. 

Since I’ve been shifting this personally over the last year… I’ve experienced and understand quite a lot. I’ve been seeing pre birth plans, as well as, the most recent twin flame past life together to help understand what needs to be completed or understood in this life to allow for the loving separation to occur. 

This doesn’t mean the person is or isn’t your Twin Flame/Divine Union partner.

What it means is… as you release the old Karmic story you will be available to offer a new upgraded connection.

One based in love mutual respect, honor, integrity, and the absolute joy you deserve!!!!! 

With Love and Honor,

Danielle Filipski