A Love Letter to the Sacred Masculine

A Love Letter to the Sacred Masculine

Dear Gentlemen,

We feel you, hear you, and see you. 

You who have carried the weight and burden of the heavy mirror for the Sacred Feminine so that we could remember our true power and rise up. Preparing to meet you and hold sacred space for you once again. 

We are ready to hold sacred space for you. So that you to may rise up into all that you are capable of. 

You’ve held space, stayed strong, and built worlds. For that we thank you. 

We acknowledge that you have been robbed of the sacred feminine energy just as much, if not more, than every woman. You’ve been blinded, cut off, and hidden from the divine truth that resides within you. 

You are a beautiful strong warrior builder and we love that about you. We also know and acknowledge that you’re even more than that. You’re gentle, intelligent, intuitive, loving, and vulnerable and much more.  

You don’t have to give your warrior spirit up to be vulnerable as you have been conditioned to believe. We don’t want you to give up those beautiful strong qualities… in fact we want to support you in building upon them and strengthening them. 

It’s not about denying or ridding yourself of who you are… it’s about opening yourself up to more of yourself. 

To explore outside of what you’ve been taught a “real man” is and knowing that we love all the parts of you… not just the parts society told you we’re acceptable. 

We hold no judgment on what that looks like for you. We simply want you to know it’s an option should you choose to open the door and walk the path be presented. 

This is also acknowledging that it’s not just you…the pain and suffering we see on this planet is not just because of you as some would believe. We are half of the mirror. We, the feminine accept responsibility for our part. 

We’ve taken the time to cultivate our feminine and masculine qualities within. We’ve had the time and space to cultivate these qualities because you stayed so strong for sooooo long and held that mirror for us. For that we can never thank you enough.

But now, now it’s your time. We’re ready to hold sacred space for you… so that you may have a safe space to allow your walls to come down. Allowing your true full heart and soul to shine in its own unique and beautifully masculine way. 

It’s an honor and a privilege that we accept with grace and much gratitude. 

Thank you for your incredible resilience and strength for carrying this for so long. 

When you’re ready there is space for you to put those burdens down. To rest and recuperate. When you’re ready to open that door… know we are waiting with loving open arms to hold sacred space for you. 

We love, honor, respect, and appreciate you. Now it’s your time for Rebirth. 

With Love, 

The Sacred Feminine Who Remember the Truth 

Danielle Filipski

*photo credit unknown… I do not know where this image originated from, only that it is not mine personally. If this is yours and would like credit please let me know. Or if you would like it taken down I honor that as well. Thank you.