ENERGY UPDATE Anxiety = Prosperity Upgrades


The upgrades are flooding in! Have you been feeling anxiety? In your belly?

The lower 3 Chakras are getting major upgrades!

This upgrade is literally removing rigidity from our bodies. This rigidity is connected with past fears and limiting beliefs… these fears maybe your from this life, but there’s also a huge possibility they are ancestral energy and memories that have been passed down to you.

Now is the time to allow them to release!

However this maybe manifesting for you just having this awareness will allow you to begin to lift and shift.

Be gentle with yourself.

The old energy is waning quickly… the energy of greed and disrespect are no longer in power.

We’ve asked collectively that the prosperous energy be shifted to those who are in alignment with the new fluid loving energy. This is why the rigidity is being removed! This will allow your true full light and energy to shine through without all the things you had to carry from the past.

This is happening now because the energy is available to support it!

It is not something you’ve done wrong or missed! It’s just time now!

This energy is going deep and it is tremendously supportive. So as you’re releasing remember to allow it. And know as your witnessing this shift you are creating your NEW NEW!

If you are not personally experiencing these exact things…

Chances are high that you are witnessing them with your clients, family, and friends. Having this awareness will help you support them at higher levels without taking it on!

I’ve assisted several clients this week with shifting quickly out of the anxiety. This support allowed them to easily tap into focusing on what is in alignment with the energy of joy, prosperity, intuition, clear communication, centered awareness, peace, balance, harmony, clarity, and most of all LOVE!

I am available for 1:1 sessions in person and via phone to support the swift movement of these energies. Let yourself rest and receive???

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