Energy Update : Transitions : Bringing Back All Of You!


We’re currently experiencing tremendous amounts of Transition energy.

Energetically it these transitions can feel like you’re trapped in a spider web or even just cobwebs!

Maybe you know exactly how you want to feel, but it seems far away at the moment?

Usually the energy is about letting go of the old so we can move into the new. Especially as we approach the full moon, which is about releasing the old.

I’m a big fan of creating the new while I release the old for a gentler transition.

As I’ve personally meditated on the energy and worked with clients I’ve noticed a very common theme.

This time is actually about bringing old parts of you back. Maybe they are parts you left behind because you outgrew them. Perhaps you were embarrassed or ashamed of those parts of tour past.
But what about the good things from those times?

Many people have been experiencing a sense of nostalgia. As much as we want to move forward we crave the fun, joy, and simplicity of the past.

I’m not suggesting that you go backwards. But I am encouraging you to open up and embrace the good parts of your past that you left behind with the pain, anger, sadness, shame, fear, or guilt!

Because this energy has been so intense and front and center I created an energetic meditation to support the integration of this transformation.
Yes it’s a meditation, but it’s filled with healing and supportive energy.

People walk away from this meditation feeling the support and transformation occurring. The meditation is designed and intended to work with your own personal energy.

There is lots of energetic support in it and you can listen to it several times and gain a new and different experience each time!

Bringing back the old…. all the parts of you… welcome back a part of you from the past that you may have shut out in this life or throughout all of eternity!
If you’re reading, resonating, and understanding this then you’re an old soul who’s ready to break free from the old suffocating and limitations that have kept you feeling small and unworthy!

Welcome all your talents and aspect back and view it from the person you are now. You have more insight and more tools!

As you welcome that aspect back you can bring back to you the parts you needed. You still allow the pieces that are not in alignment with you now to release.

This is about bringing all of you into this moment. Embracing all the pieces you want to feel and experience, then allowing the old cobwebs to be cleared away. Feel the refreshing energy of clarity as you welcome your SOUL home!

If you would like to go deeper I’m available for personalized in person or phone sessions.

The meditation is Return to Your Heart and you can get it here!

With Love and Support,

Danielle Filipski