Sacred Spiral Shamanism


To be clear this is my own brand of Shamanism…so I will share what that means to me.

Sharing from what I’ve learned on my….Energy work…Grid Working…Shamanic… Twin Flame… Starseed… Trauma Healing…Heart Opening Journey. 

It has been my own personal journey and connection with myself, my higher self, my shadow self, my connection to My Creator, My home Mother Earth. All beings that live on this planet, inter-dimensionally, and throughout the Cosmos.

My Inter-dimensional understanding and Starseed navigations. Deep exploration into understanding emotions, trauma, and relationships…in part via my own inner divine feminine and divine masculine energies and the outer world Twin Flame Initiation. 

Opening my abilities far beyond the five senses and asking for activation and initiation to become my absolute highest self possible. 

I’ve been knowingly training in the area of Shamanism since 2009…at this same time I had just become a licensed massage therapist and Karuna Reiki Master. I started with different mentors that I gained knowledge from. Within a year I was guided to go directly to higher power for my guidance. At the time I didn’t realize it was my own higher self. 

Over the years my form of work has morphed greatly and incorporates more then I would know how to explain. I pull from many different influences. This has become a way of living for me. 

I have been asked by several people for apprenticeships and mentorship, but up until now I resisted it on some levels. I would offer support, but I never fully stepped into owning the term Shamanism. 

Mostly because I’m not a label person and also because it is an “old” term with connotations to it. But alas my highest self continues to insist that I use the term. It is my own form of shamanism to be clear.

I have a very deep affinity and connection to Indigenous culture, but I am not in fact Native American by DNA standards. Soul wise I feel deeply connected to a similar way of being with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. 

When I channel it comes from my soul and it translates to most who have experienced it in feeling very Native American. I allow my Highest Self to flow through me without sensor. 

My form of Shamanism is different from the ones I’ve encountered. I share my perspectives and what I’ve learned, but simply as a starting point. Not as a way things “have” to be. I encourage you to be in full control of their experiences and allow for room to grow far beyond what I can teach. I believe this is the entire point, for each of us to share who we are with the world. To be our unique selves and not be limited by anyone else’s ideas or beliefs. 

Through my own Shamanic Training one mentor said  I would receive gifts from the universe that would coincide with my shamanic training and abilities. 

Shortly after that I received several universal gifts including a Pipe from a Mohawk Gentleman. At the time I didn’t understand the significance of this. The Pipe Carrier is the Carrier of Truth. 

I honored it and put it away for 10 years until I was guided to begin working with it. I had finally reached a point in my initiation that I was actually ready to begin to embody the energy of the Pipe Carrier. 

I have so many stories and experiences I don’t know where to begin except that I now know it is time for me to share the knowledge I’ve been gifted. Mostly it comes to me because I am humble and understand this information is coming from my highest source, yes it’s me but it’s my soul. My human side understands that I have blocks and limitations because of my current humanness. I’ve learned to deeply trust my highest path… the more I trust and honor the more is entrusted to me. 

This is something I’ve resisted sharing…I needed to know I’m not coming from the space of ego…Either not feeling good enough or feeling higher than. I simply want to share from my heart and soul. I know in my heart exactly where I’m coming from…. a space of embodying as much unconditional love and truth as I am capable of in each moment.

The only reason this is being typed is because so many have stepped forward asking for this support. That was a sign to me that I am ready to step into this Sacred Space with you. 

I’m deeply honored to share this part of my journey with any who are called to connect with me. 

It’s deeply important to me that this sacred space is shared and honored as it is meant to be in the new energy. 

I need and want to create a sacred space that allows for the knowledge to be shared openly.The respect and honor of this process is required. This is not a responsibility I take lightly. 

Whatever I share with are free to take it in and make it your own, let it go, or build on it. 

My hope is that something within it will inspire you to be more and more of who you are meant to be. To inspire you to open up to all of your possibilities and step into your heart and your potential. Whatever that means for you. 

Sharing Sacred Space with Honor, Truth, and Love, 

Danielle Rose Wilk