Simple Acts of Self-Love Can Change Your Life

Self-Love can be cultivated and nurtured in very simple, but powerful ways.

I’m sharing an example of how one tiny self-love step literally changed the trajectory of my life. It opened me up to new possibilities…ones I had previously shut out.

Have you ever saved something for a special occasion?

When I was young, I used to love the lotions from bath and body works. I would buy them every time I went to the mall. So I had like 20 lotions in a pretty cabinet that I would rarely use! I kept saving them for “special occasions”

During this time I started my self-improvement journey…reading books, working with coaches, and devouring anything I could to improve myself.

At the time I had little idea I needed to more self-love.

It was during this initial phase of my self-improvement journey I had a realization… What was I waiting for? Wasn’t every day a special occasion?  I mean… if I want to have love and joy in my life why not act like it every day? So I started using the lotion every single day!



It was a simple yet powerful gesture… a message to myself that I was good enough and I deserved it.

I didn’t even realize it was an act of self-love. It most certainly set me in the right direction.

Shortly after that I started dating my now husband Dave. I knew Dave for years, but little did he know deep down I didn’t feel good enough to date him. He was a nice guy and I was the poor girl from the north side.

I wanted a better life. I wanted to be happy. Deep down I knew it was possible and somewhere inside I did believe I deserved it.

I was willing to make changes to improve myself.

Rasa Koffee

Rasa “Changing the way people energize”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was small steps like using that lotion that taught me about self-love.

Learning to love myself more opened up more space inside of me. This loving space allowed me to receive more love from others, as well as, share more love in return.

The more I love myself the more I can love others! Self-Love expands our capacity to love others!

Now years later I’m sharing courses and coaching about Self-Love and Intuition, because these two things combined have transformed my life.

I was once the shy quiet girl from the north side with a tough outer shell of survival. The truth was I was hurting like hell and I didn’t know how to stop it.

So I started one little self-love step at a time.

Harmonious Heart Program

Harmonious Heart Program

Truly that’s all it takes to begin moving in the direction of getting the life you deserve.

I’ve learned that Self-Love is an ongoing journey.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount, but am still expanding my depth of knowledge when it comes to self-love.

No matter where you are on your self-love journey you can always accept more love!

What can you do today to show yourself you deserve love inside and out?

With Love,

Danielle Filipski

Intuitive Coach

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