Story of an Undercover Star Seed

Story of an Undercover Star Seed

I’m putting my brave hat on today. Ahhh I’m just gonna go ahead and keep it on from now on.

I was sent in deep undercover.

Which prompted me to learn and work my way out to “innerstanding” this and what Star Seed means to me.

Sent here undercover, my own childhood was my initial training ground. But my abilities were really activated and put to the test in “spiritual” situations. I was there to see what was happening and bring the truth to light.

I see energetic structures and I see how and where they’re limited. I see where people or things get trapped, but I also know how to navigate out of them. Because I’ve had to do it over and over again. I’ve learned there is always an energetic solution!

Now I’m fully aware that I do this. I knowingly choose, in my physical human body, to do this when and where I’m called to.

I know how to easily shift in and out of it.

By creating portals of energy and staying connected to the higher dimensions, even when I go deeply into the lower ones.

I have been specifically trained to do this very deep work.

I can go deep into the lower dimensions and come out only because I’ve expanded out far enough to stay connected to the higher dimensions at the same time. I had to do the work!

It’s been a learning process. I’ve been aware of the moments I need help pulling out and I’ve called on specific friends for that. This was to expedite the process.

Prior to working with these friends I had to navigate and pull out all on my own. Obviously you can see I can do it, but it took much longer.

This is where trustworthy and safe support comes in handy…. most especially during the learning and integrating processes! Then when you’re ready you can take the training wheels off!

As I’ve learned how to do this it’s gotten easier and easier. I know working with others who are open and ready expands the work. We learn more, support each other, and make a larger, more powerful impact together.

Like I said…now I’m completely aware of what I’m choosing a large majority of the time. I usually know why and how it will play out.

Some times, in the past, it even meant people would not like me as a result. I said it specifically in the past because I am not personally in need of this lesson anymore. However, if someone doesn’t like me as a result of me being me… I’m okay with that too.

I was heavily trained for this as well.

My own birth biological mother started kicking me out on the streets at 13.

I was literally kicked out for speaking the truth. I had to learn very young how to handle the anger and resistance my reflection would create.

Of course back then my human self didn’t understand at all. I just felt the rejection and abuse. However, I could absolutely never stop speaking the truth and standing up for what I believed in no matter how I was treated.

Ultimately, as time went on my mom accepted, embraced, and wanted to learn from me. This was healing for both of us on many levels.

Prior to that I would repeatedly get myself in abusive situations. Ironically I was exceedingly shy and quiet. Despite all this I did go deep within. As a super sensitive being it crushed me to hurt at these levels.

Only wanting to help.

I only wanted things to get better. I didn’t understand abuse in my life or in the world around me. It was all pure madness to me. It still is because it doesn’t have to be this way.

At the time I didn’t realize it, but I could see so many other alternative options. There are so many potentials that what was occurring infuriated and saddened me. But also called my warrior self forward.

I see it now as more training I needed.

If I didn’t need it, it wouldn’t have manifested in my life. I take full responsibility for that.

Now I don’t participate in the abusive situations because they are no longer necessary. Instead I assist in creating those alternative options. Sustainable solutions for those who choose to participate!

Another part of my training has been to dive deeply into my own healing.

Healing and transmuting the human Ancestral DNA I choose to be born into. This experience has been exceedingly educational.

I had to go through PTSD therapy along with several other energy healing techniques in order to be as cognizant as I am now. I had to process my own emotions and experiences, as well as my parents experiences. Understanding what made them who they are as humans was an incredibly healing experience. I love, appreciate, and honor them both dearly. I’m so grateful they brought me here.

Immersing myself in the energetic Law of Attraction, Reiki, Shamanism, Multidimensional work, Grid Clearing and Building, Higher-Self work , Inner-Child work, Shadow work, Past Lives, Ancestral Memories,DNA work, Cosmic, Galactic, Intergalactic, Divine Masculine/Feminine Harmony, and more I’m sure.

In that journey I’ve gained even more compassion for the human experience.

But I know in every single cell of my being that each and every person has to take personal responsibility.

It’s up to you to grow up out of those old ancestral beliefs, agreements, and attachments!

I have learned much about human emotion and expression. I’ve experienced first hand how mental illness and addiction are direct results of abuse, unprocessed emotion, and an incredible smushing of the true authentic soul that resides within each person.

Some of you may wonder what a Star Seed is?

In many ways it doesn’t matter. It’s simply a way for us to connect and remember one another.

But if you’re wondering… to me it’s the part of my soul that is much bigger than the human part of my physical body. It’s all of my higher aspects and my ability to directly connect with my Original Creator. Everything my soul has ever experienced. Which has been a lot!

Maybe we’re all Star Seeds? Maybe we’re not. All I know is it intrinsically makes sense to me.

I’ve always felt, even though I didn’t always understand it, that I see things differently. I can take the Eagle eye perspective or the atomic quantum perspective. The micro to the macro it’s all a reflection.

Like I said, I didn’t realize that’s what was happening until I became much older. But in retrospect my life makes a lot of sense. Like I was ahead of my time.

Not sharing this to pat myself on the back.

I’m sharing so that all who resonate with this know they are not alone!

There are many of us that were sent undercover. Some of us choose really tough situations. I was one of those. Now it’s time for me to support others in navigating their own unique paths.

I navigated my way out of situations of abuse, addiction, mental illness, religious guilt, and more.

I’ve faced deep seeded self-doubt to get to this place. This space of knowing I’m strong enough to be a leader in the next wave of expansion. I’ve even created Sustainable Self-Programs and The Sacred Circle of Love to support this expansion.

A leader who walks with leaders.

I am not and will not be above or below anyone ever again.

That’s why I create Circles, Spirals, and Portals. We each bring our own gifts to the table.

I have things to share and teach, but I’m also the student of a lifetime. I am always learning as well!

I will never ever ever stop learning as a soul.

Why would I? Energy is infinite. If any one of you thinks you have something figured out… just wait two minutes and remember that you can still expand on it!

Sometimes we have to rest and integrate what we’ve learned. Take time to actually incorporate it into our lives. Truly become it! Live it, walk it, radiate it!

Then, then…my doves we can take it to the next level and keep growing!

Expansion and growth is knowing that you will know more tomorrow than you do today! That’s supreme intelligence to me.

To know that you know, but there’s still so much more to know. A beautiful harmonious relationship. An ebb and flow of learning, integrating, growing, teaching, learning, integrating, growing, teaching!

It’s freakin awesome!

Even now a part of me was nervous to completely put myself out there on this level. But I know, like I know, like I know… it would be a huge disservice to you and myself to not be transparent.

I’ve worked my ass off to be where I am. I have certainly paid my dues literally and figuratively. I will continue to work my ass off. Because I want to! I’m a creator. The work I do is rewarding to me.

I will continue to do every single thing I am capable of to support the awakening and advancement of humanity.

It would be an honor to work with you in session if that calls to you.

I love you and appreciate you taking the time to read this! Feel free to comment and share with others as you’re guided.

In Joy, Love, and Gratitude,
Danielle Filipski


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